Ahhh, math

I haven’t spent a lot of time on math yet.  I am not a math person.  I do like math and I’m good at it if I put my mind to it, but it does not come naturally to me.  I’m not sure if Ben is a math person (it is obviously way too early to label him). What I do know is that he is very resistant to structured learning activities unless he requests them.  That’s all well and good until you have a 5 year old who won’t even attempt to count past 30.

This is nothing new for us.  We struggled with writing last year.  I didn’t want to push it because one of my goals is to foster a love of learning, but I did suggest it every month or so.  Ben did not attempt to write any words at all until November when I asked if he wanted to help me label moving boxes.  To him that just sounded like fun and not work at all.  Soon enough he was writing letters to grandma and already has some pretty awesome handwriting for a kindergartener.

Now that I know we can work through his resistance, I am in search of math activities that are actually fun and don’t seem so much like math.

Today we tried a little sequencing with some game pieces.  I didn’t even have to explain the activity before he started putting everything in order.

We used pieces from this memory game, which I got for $4.99 at TJ Maxx last year:

Ben hates playing memory unless it’s on the computer (I don’t blame him…it’s always a mess and little brother ends up stepping all over the pieces), so we just use the pieces for other activities.

It was a success, but not really all that fun.

We also tried out this activity from No Time for Flash Cards.  I thought it would be super fun, but Ben was not in the right mindset for it at all!  All he really wanted to do was draw lots of windows and people inside the house.  He reluctantly participated, knowing that when we were done with the counting part I’d let him draw all over the house.

I think this activity would have been fun for him if we had done it later in the afternoon when Micah wasn’t around.  It’s such a cute idea!

And what was Micah doing all this time?  Making a mess, playing with his “little people” houses, and drawing on the chalkboard!  I love watching toddlers draw. ♥

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Your boys are adorable! I am sad the counting activity didn’t go as well as you hoped, sometimes they flop. At least he was drawing on a vertical surface and getting great wrist strength development.There is always a plus right? Thanks for linking back to my site.



Yes! In that way it was a success. And now he has taken down the house and is cutting it out and coloring all over it. So it has provided a lot of entertainment for us today. 🙂

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